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The people who believe about the conjunction of venus & mars makes anyone a character less, is absolutely and completely false method of explaining the prediction. It is called an “Ardhnaarishwara yuti”according to Naadi jyotish. but many times this conjunction is being analyzed on the basis of wrongful Astrological terms. Whilst this conjunction of “Mars and Venus” has a lot of worthy qualities and other positive symptoms and possibility for becoming a sincere character. So, let’s talk about this planetary conjunction today in far different ways which i have personally experienced while reading on numerous horoscopes.

–Sincere seeker of Love
This conjunction has meant to be a person who is seeking affectionate love, truest feelings in any bond of relationship or marriage just like the way “maa Parwati & Shiva completes each other with their devotional deep love, truest feelings, divine romance and togetherness”. The elements of boldness, firmness, openness, acceptance of his/her love socially, can be seen widely in a person’s character. Actually the person having this conjunction in his/her chart doesn’t maintain the love secretly or hide the relationship. If they commit with you so that means nobody can detach you from them until they have wish also the same. Adding one more most important thing in this analysis, that this conjunction in anybody’s chart makes a person a “Passionate lover” towards everything. whether they’re fashion designer, style devolper. The perfection in every single manner might be seen in dressing sense, good hand in cooking. infact they invent new styles in dress designing, a trend setter and recipes in cooking. good looking personality, charming eyes, cuteness on face and much more positive sides we can see in native’s personality.

–”Sexually active person” or “Sexually obsessed”? a big rumour must say!
It is the most wrong conclusion about this conjunction that people have concluded. infact due to this conjunction, person has very Different opinion about how to spend a life on own conditions. They like to live their life larger than life and have wonderful visionary quality towards everyone. Narrowness in thoughts you can not find out in their personality. They use to think as much as logically and choose the things which is actually important to follow. Such these qualities makes native’s more interesting image than others. the way of talking easily attracts people towards them. They sometimes become an “eye catcher or center of attraction” in social gatherings for any reason.

–Become Hot Headed if you start targeting their Personal opinion or choice!
Person having this conjunction is very much selective. They silently go through for selecting their things either to choose luxurious items or any person for life settlement without showing off socially and loudly. But if you’re deliberately continuing to arise an issue on their selection process, they suddenly loose their temperament over you. So, be aware of this, they will be a cooling person all the time, this is not sure.

–Mars & Venus: why gives love failure to a native? Why a person has multiple affairs in life? Big reason— this is a proved Astrological research i have gone through on various horoscopes that mars venus conjunction definitely effects love life of a native. Infact the person who have this combination remains loyal, truly generous in love bond but the opposite side (male/female) doesn’t have the same characteristic qualities as native’s lover. The untrustworthy, cheater, mean or disloyalty role actually is being played by opposite side with native. And due to this personal harassment or if this is very first chance being in love with someone, the native has to go through a bad experience and becomes a little bit harsh towards another choice/second option. these impressions make the native arrogance and grow a less romantic behavior. now the journey of having multiple affairs starts from this stage. Especially Female native may have experience more worst rather than a male because this conjunction never ever writes a fairy tale story in a girl’s life. Female native may be misbehaved or underestimated by her man in love relationship/after marriage. In some cases, i found females has to face domestic abuse or violence after marriage.
If someone relates with this situation in life as above written in this paragraph, make sure it is the negative effect of Mars alone (mars must be in your chart debilitated/retrograde/combust/high degree) not venus by this combination.

–Now we come to at this point, that how this conjunction impacts as positive or negative on a person’s life. as far as the definition of a character is concern, it doesn’t have any fixed figure about anybody. A person’s character has many ways to be a good or bad to someone according to the circumstances, situational behavior and other type of factors and it is mainly considered (someone is really character less or not) according to the other person’s ability to see the worth of opposite side. So in my opinion, character has no fixed definition.

e.g.- if somebody trying to express their own feelings before anybody that means the person is seeking love at your end, and if the person trying to harm you even being in love with you, that means the love is not pure anymore, full of lust, nothing else. This has to be differentiated between true love senses and lustful feelings.

–How this planetary conjunction gives any person a characteristic disorder? Let’s know about this truth which is based on my research on numerous horoscopes.
Venus and mars conjunction, nobody turns out a “Character less personality”, Until this planetry conjunction in chart is included these Astrological factors that is given below—

-In the conjunction if mars or venus is debilitated/retrograde.
-if Mars has high degree than venus.
-In this conjunction Debilitated Mars or venus placed in third, sixth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house in chart.
-If Mars and venus both are in these signs- Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio & Pieces and here rahu/moon also joins them.
-Ascendant has these three planetary position- rahu, venus, mars. the people will talk about your love life and you may fall in love or marry with any inter religion/other caste/culture person.
-If venus is exalted (with its high degree) and placed in first, third, fifth, seventh, eighths, eleventh and twelfth house with mars, moon, rahu. so, you’re a playboy/playgirl image and habitual of searching for your opposite side on social sites.
-Special role: Rahu, is the main source of spreading the instant news, rumored talks, gossips on a person’s name & character like virus if anyhow rahu joins this conjunction.

-These Astrological facts are main reason that really creates worst scenario on venus mars conjunction.

[Disclaimer: this article is purely based on personal research of astrologer and does not assure any accurate result. Personal Horoscope Analysis is essential for any accuracy.]

~ Ashnika Sharma

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